How to clean a stainless steel gas stove?

Cleaning a gas stove

An easy way to clean your stainless steel gas stove

Those gleaming stainless steel gas stoves that one frequently sees in magazines decorating upscale kitchens, have given it a reputation of being a maintenance free surface. The fact is that it’s all about diligent cleaning and preventive maintenance. As long as you clean a stain or that dollop of sauce as soon as it is spilled, the steel surface remains largely stain free.

However, if you procrastinate the task, you will end up with a gas stove that looks spotty, greasy and grimy. Stainless steel is as spotty a surface as some of the others. Does that make it sound like you made a wrong decision? Nah. It’s not that bad.

The good news is that it is ridiculously easy to clean. Today, we are going to share a method by which you can clean your stainless steel gas stoves and restore it to its former glory with a few paper towels and some ingredients that can be sourced from your kitchen itself.

There are three steps in this cleaning method which can be used depending on how severe the stain is.

  1. Boil some water in a kettle or a microwave. Grab a paper towel, set it over the stained portion on the gas stove and pour the hot water on the paper towel. Now let it rest for a while. This is called steam cleaning and is very effective against mild surface stains. In normal cases, this suffices to remove the stain. After a while, use the paper towel and wipe it with the grain of the steel and see if the stain is still visible.
  2. If the stain isn’t removed with steam cleaning, then pour a few drops of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar over the stain. Let it set in for a few minutes. You can use a dish cloth and wipe it with the grain of the steel to see if the stain is dislodged from the surface. If it is, rinse a paper towel with warm water and wipe it away to clean the surface completely.
  3. Lastly, if the above two procedures don’t work, you can use a combination of baking soda with Vinegar which creates a frothy bubbling mixture and is very effective in removing surface stains. Chemically, it is an acid-base reaction that releases carbon dioxide and water. At the same time, it is not corrosive making it an excellent homemade cleansing solution. Take a few teaspoons of baking soda and pour it over the surface stain. Now pour a few drops of vinegar on it. Don’t be alarmed if it starts to bubble. Once that subsides, use a dish cloth to wipe away the mixture. Lastly, clean it with a damp cloth.

You must always ensure that you clean with the grain of the steel. Some extremely stubborn stains may need to be removed with a scrubbing pad to clean the surface completely.

Some homeowners also use salt to clean surface stains. But some types of stainless steel are extremely scratch prone and you may want to test it out on a small inconspicuous portion of the gas stove to see if it gets scratched.