Frigidaire FFGF3015L 30″ Freestanding Gas Range

When comes to Kitchen appliances, the gas stove is a most important item. There are many types of gas ranges available in the stove market. However, the use of gas as domestic fuel is the best choice for all householders. The Frigidaire FFGF3015L 30″ Freestanding Gas Range is a gas fueled oven stove with large window. The MSRP is $679.00 and there are many discount and offers when you purchase through online. Either, a 10 to 20% savings is there in online purchase and comes with free home delivery.

Specification of Frigidaire FFGF3015L 30″ Freestanding Gas Range

Large Oven Window: Is has a large oven window, which enables you to see the foodstuff without opening the door. Either, the entire tray will be visible to see the status of cooking. This is best when cookies, large pizza and other baked items to check the broil status. This is also best to check the roasting status of meats.

Burners: It has very good burner with sealing. This makes it more convenient fro cleaning. It has very good simmer burner for delicate foodstuffs. Its heating capacity is left front is of 9500 BTU. Its left rear is of 9500 BTU. Its right front is of 12000 BTU and right rear is of 9500 BTU.

Oven: Is best to keep large capacity with Depth of 18-1/2″ Height is 17″ and Width is 23″. It has grill stands and trays for various type of cooking. It baking capacity is of 18000 BTU. The oven broils of 16000 BTU. It has large window with two standard and five positions. This is best to keep meat items. They have special timers to keep warm and delicious meat items viagra can be serving hot. This is best from vegetarian and non-vegetarian food preparation. This is also best for baked its and specially for making pizza.

Timer: It has electronic control panel on its top. This is having quick pre heat, keep warm, bake, and broil, convert Pizza and chicken nuggets as options to select from the panel. With auto timers, there is no need to worry about foodstuff burnt off due to overheating. These are very best for baked foods. Since, timing is most important for baked foods. Certain meats and fish need specific heat to taste good. This timer helps them to keep in delicious state.


Cabinet and Knobs: The main body of this stove is made of steel. The knob is made of plastic.

Electricity: It consumes a 120 Volt with 60 Hz of current. Its Amp is ranging from 10 to 15A. The current connection is at the rear of this stove.

Product-Warranty: There is a 10 year warranty on its major components is the greatest advantage.

Cleaning Mode: It is a manual cleaning stove and one has to maintain it weekly if on daily use. However, it is very simple to clean because it has a very large window. Its sealed burners do make it simple to clean on the cook top.