Gallery Series 30″ Freestanding Gas Range with 5 Cu. Ft.

When come to home cooking there are many option in selecting a cooking stove. However, the natural gas and LPG is most preferred and more in supply that every hose holder prefers energy efficient gas ranges. There are many manufactures in the market. Nevertheless, selecting the best is a gas range is a difficult one. One can go through product review in various websites and get an idea of which brand is the market leader. In such online search, the Gallery Series 30″ Freestanding Gas Range with 5 Cu. Ft is most sought product by householders through online purchase. The online purchase does have many discounts and offers. They do deliver it as free home delivery.

Specification of Gallery Series 30″ Freestanding Gas Range with 5 Cu. Ft.

Oven Capacity: It has five Cu. Ft of oven space, which is more when compare with any conventional model of gas ranges. It is best to cook for large quantity instantly and efficiently.

Oven Features: The oven is the most important part of cooking. It has a bright incandescent light for better view of foodstuffs. It has built in clock to set the heat and timer. The automatic controls are speed cook, delay bake; auto sensor cooking and delay start makes this oven more adorable to householders to cook baked and roasted food. This oven has best Convection to spread online pharmacy the overall heat in efficient way to all the side of the oven to cook evenly. This is a fan type and is best for making cookies of similar bake and taste when you keep in more quantities. It is also best to make small, medium and large pizzas.

Burners: It is a 5-burner gas stove with sealed type, which is more convenient to clean manually. Its main broil burner has the capacity of 17,000 BTU. The center burner has heating capacity of 9500 BTU. The simmer burner has very mild flame to cook delicate foodstuffs. The third burner has the heating capacity of 14,000 BTU. The fourth burner has the heating capacity of 5000 BTU. The fifth burner has the heating capacity of 9500 BTU.

Auto Shut Off: This gas range will shut down automatically after every 12 hours of usage is a biggest advantage for householders for safety and user friendly convenience.


Oven Window: The oven has extra large window to check the status of foodstuffs more easily.

Gas Range Dimensions: The overall height is 47.75 inches. Its width is 29.875 inches. Its depth is 28.406 inches.

Color: The stainless steel color makes it more adorable in a kitchen room.

Overall Weight: 215 in Pounds

Warranty: A 10 years long warranty on its major components is the greatest advantage of this gas range.

The Gallery Series 30″ Freestanding Gas Range with 5 Cu. Ft is best for a conventional home and a modern home. It is most suitable for small and large family to cook all seasonal foods in an efficient manner using its oven and cook top.