Frigidaire Gallery Series 30″ Freestanding Gas Range

There are many varieties of gas ranges when come to kitchen appliances. However, the best are those, which are maintenance free and come with auto clean technology and temperature control units. The Gallery Series 30″ Freestanding Gas Range is of such specification best suit for modern homes. The MSRP is $ 1149.00 and when you buy them through online purchase you may save up to $ 150.00 is the biggest advantage. They do come with free home delivery while buying them through online. There is a 10 years warranty for major components of this stove.

Specification of Gallery Series 30″ Freestanding Gas Range

  • Its heat capacity in oven is 18000 BTU
  • Its broil capacity is 13500 BTU
  • It has built in Incandescent Lamp sufficient to give a good view of foodstuffs.

It has six Racks, which are alterable according to utensil size.

Built in fan regulates better heat for the best proportionate cooking of foodstuffs. This is best for backed foods like cookies. The cookies kept in all of the rack will have same backing level due to its fan function. This is also the same for other roasting foodstuffs.

  • Its auto cleaning function is best for home use and saves time too.
  • It has a wide glass window to view the foodstuffs.
  • The main body of the gas rage is made of stainless steel with smudge proof.
  • Its auto controls are keep warm, auto clean, Delay bakes, quick pre heat, pizza mode, timer shut off and temperature control.


Its Auto Alert Mode is very best to cook meats. It can be set to the desired level of heat and its keep warm temperature probe is the greatest advantage to prepare and serve food hot.

The quick boil is more efficient than the conventional gas stove and its cook top enables to use various sizes of utensils.

Cook Top Specification of Gallery Series 30″ Freestanding Gas Range

Its cooking surface is of deep sump type with Black Matte color.

  • Its left front heating capacity is of 9500 BTU. Its
  • Its left rear heating capacity is of 15000 BTU. Its
  • Its right front heating capacity is of 17000 BTU. Its
  • Its right rear heating capacity is of 5000 BTU

Electrical Unit of Gallery Series 30″ Freestanding Gas Range

A minimum of 120 Volt with 60 Hz Power supply is sufficient with a 15 Amp current capacity.

When you buy and use it, you will find it is of great value for money spent latest on gas ranges. Its auto temperature makes you to prepare delicious foods in the same oven and stove is another biggest advantage. This is simple to use and maintenance free with auto cleaning system. This is the best gas stove to cook delicious meats with boil type and roast type. Since, it has high heating capacity and its temperature control, as pre set will prepare the right heat for meat preparation. This is because certain heating points are best for meats to taste good.