How to Clean a Gas Range?

Let’s see how to clean a gas range or more precisely where you need to go to check how to clean different kinds of gas ranges.

There are many people out there who want to know what the best method of cleaning gas ranges is. Given you found this article, I suppose you are one of these people. Let’s see what is the most efficient way of cleaning your gas range.

When talking about cleaning a gas range, we should actually talk about the two parts of a gas range that require different  cleaning method, as a traditional gas range is composed of two main parts: a cooktop and a gas oven.

I will not be going over what steps to take when cleaning either a cooktop or an oven. If you are interested in details please click the relevant link below that will lead you to the detailed description of how to clean different parts of a gas range depending on their type, the material they are made of etc.

Cooktop – The main types and the specific cleaning method you should be aware of

  • How to clean stainless steel cooktop
  • How to clean ceramic cooktop
  • How to clean induction cooktop

Oven – The main types and the specific cleaning method you should know

  • How to clean self-cleaning oven
  • How to clean textured ovens, or continuous cleaning ovens
  • How to clean regular ovens without any of the above features

That’s it for now. You know what kind of oven and cooking top you have got so check out the links above that fit your needs.